Tsubomi chrysanthemum bud pendant lamp

An elegantly translucent pendent shade and ceiling cup born of a collaboration between OJI Masanori and Imamura porcelain of Arita. Made of Amakusa Touseki - porcelain stone mined from the mountains of the Amakusa region - ground to a fine clay slurry and stirred for 20 hours to create an exceptionally smooth and evenly textured slip, the Jicon range is unique amongst Arita ware in being left unbleached, and low fired using a specially developed process in order to retain the natural colour of the clay, and half-matte surface of the straw ash glaze. Supplied with a bayonet lamp-holder, 50cm of flex, and ceiling rose cover. Shade measures approximately 140mm in diameter by 128mm in height. Requires installation by qualified electrician. Approximately 8 to 12 weeks lead time.

£295.00 (Ex Tax:£245.83)

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