Tower of Hanoi

A wooden puzzle known variously as the Tower of Hanoi, Tower of Brahma, or Lucas’s Tower popularised in the West by the mathematician Édouard Lucas. It was told that in the temple of Kashi Vishwanath stood a room containing three ancient poles holding sixty four golden disks which once (and perhaps will again) stood one atop the other in the form of a conical tower, and that here Brahmin priests were charged with the transfer of the tower from one column to another moving only one disk at a time, and never laying a larger over a smaller. Legend has it that once complete the world will meet its end - in several hundred billion years, whilst our puzzle having five disks should be solvable in thirty one moves. This is handmade from local timber and finished with natural vegetable oils at the Hohenfried Werkstätten in the German Alps. Hohenfried Heimat is an open community of learning disabled adults and children, providing sheltered accommodation, schools, and employment in organic agriculture, craft workshops, gourmet kitchens, and bakeries. Measures about 13.5cm along the base.
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