Symy Ong Hand-Thrown Butter Keeper

A French-style butter keeper, hand thrown for us in a high iron stoneware by Jynsym Ong, a mile or so from the Objects of Use store, and glazed in a speckle white. French butter keepers make use of a water seal to delay the spoiling of room temperature butter allowing for spreadable butter that will last a lot longer than it otherwise would — depending, of course, on how much butter you like to use when you cook! Simply pack the butter into the lid, and pour some water into the base — about an inch's depth, with a dash of salt — this should be replaced every week or so. The water does not allow any outside air to reach the butter, delaying spoiling from taking place. Trained at Clay College, Stoke-On-Trent, Ong then undertook an apprenticeship at Mitoh Gama (Kiln) in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture. She often uses a kick wheel to impart a rhythm that is completely dictated by the body to her work. Ong recently set up studio in Oxford, making stoneware pieces which are fired in a gas kiln. 8cm tall, 10cm diameter, approximately. 

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