Susumu Porcelain Lipped Matcha Set

A set consisting of a lipped bowl with pouring spout and two cups, from a collection of tablewares resulting from a collaboration between Masanori Oji and Susumuya Tea-House, working alongside Imamura Hajime of Imamura Porcelain, Arita, Japan. Made of Amakusa Touseki (porcelain stone mined from the mountains of the Amakusa region), thickly cast for improved heat retention, and finished in a beautiful soft creamy glaze. Mix matcha green tea powder with hot water and whisk it vigorously in a zig zag motion until the tea is frothy, before pouring into the individual cups. The Matcha Bowl measures w145 x d130 x h74mm, and holds approximately 900ml, the Matcha Cups measure diameter 66mm x height 57mm, and hold approximately 95ml.

£97.50 (Ex Tax:£81.25)

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