Rattan banneton, small round, 750g

A round rattan cane bread raising and forming basket for perfect flour striped lightly ribbed loaves. We were once able to source these made in Germany, however since Indonesia introduced a ban on exports of raw rattan cane they are all now produced in the far east — rattan though is an interesting cash crop, for it requires mature forest for its cultivation thus has been encouraged by some conservationists as a more sustainable alternative to logging. The bannetons should be dusted with flour, the dough placed inside, covered, and left to rise, before being turned out for baking. Best cleaned with a dry stiff brush, and stored separated to avoid damp, and prevent mould. Every 2-3 months the baskets can be sterilised in an oven of 130 Celcius for 45 minutes, which should loosen of flour residue. 20cm diameter by 8cm high.

£12.50 (Ex Tax:£10.42)

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