Assorted French sewing needles, Toile de Jouy

Assortment of 15 sharp sewing needles from N°3 to N°9 in a card booklet printed with a red Offrande à l’Amour toile de Jouy motif. Traditionally mounted, the needles are threaded onto white paper with two small oval windows showing the eye and the point. Contains the following needles, ideal for general sewing jobs with fine or standard threads:  1 x needle n°3, measuring 42mm, Ø 0,88mm, 4 x needles n°5, measuring 40mm, Ø 0,76mm, 6 x  needles n°7, measuring 37mm, Ø 0,69mm, 4 x needles n°9, measuring 34mm, Ø 0,61mm. The booklet measures 9.4cm x 6.5cm

£6.00 (Ex Tax:£5.00)

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