Kaweco Liliput Ballpoint, Brass

The capped brass Kaweco LILIPUT ballpoint pen is made from solid uncoated brass, which will age and develop its own unique patina over time unless polished. It has a pleasing weightiness in the hand. The Liliput is one of Kaweco's oldest series, originally (in 1908) made of ebonite. Kaweco first produced a Liliput fountain pen in 1910, advertised as a safety pen for sports people — its precise engineering and tightly fitting screw-on lid meaning it was less likely to suffer leaks when carried into the field. Today these pens are machined from brass and equipped with a stainless steel nib. As diminutive as their name might suggest and with a rounded capsule-like form, they will travel barely noticed in a pocket or purse. 96mm long when closed, and 125mm in use. This pen comes in a Kaweco gift tin.

£70.00 (Ex Tax:£58.33)

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