Japanese hand-forged desk scissors

Hand forged, ground, and paired desk scissors from Tanegashima, one of the Ōsumi Islands of the southern coast of Kyushu, and renowned for almost five centuries for the edge tools produced there, be they Tanegashima Hōchō (knives), or Tane-basami (scissors). These small paper scissors have black lacquered handles and are forged from high carbon steel, which it should be noted is not stainless, so should be kept clean and dry in order to avoid rust, and oiled if put away for long term storage, or kept anywhere at all damp. Forged with a slight curve and twist to the blade, the scissors are as a result to degree self sharpening, although if the blades do become damaged or dull, like all scissors it is imperative material in never removed from the insides of the blades. A little over 15cm overall length.

£99.00 (Ex Tax:£82.50)