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Blackwing pencils

Blackwing pencils

Originally developed by Eberhard Faber in the 1930s the Blackwing featured a specially developed lead containing wax as an addition to the typical graphite clay formulation. Claimed to require half the effort to produce a mark it quickly became a favourite of writers, musicians, and storyboard artists. Discontinued in 1998 apparently after the eraser clip manufacturing machine broke, it was reintroduced in 2010 by the Cal Cedar Pencil company as the Palomino Blackwing. Made in Japan of sustainably forested Californian inscense cedar the Blackwing is considered by many perhaps the World’s finest pencil. In 3 grades, the softer Blackwing (black), medium Blackwing Pearl (white), and hardest - although most similar to the original - Blackwing 602 (grey). Replacement erasers are also available. Sold in boxes of 12 pencils, and packets of 10 replacement erasers.
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