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Ihada tape dispensers
Ihada tape dispensersIhada tape dispensersIhada tape dispensersIhada tape dispensersIhada tape dispensersIhada tape dispensers

Ihada tape dispensers

Hand poured sand-cast, and foot-pads aside (or in the case of the smaller springs also), entirely brass tape dispenser from a foundry founded in 1897 in the central Japanese city of Takaoka in Toyama Prefecture. With minimal chasing the castings are largely left ihada, which means with a raw cast surface maintaining any texture or discolouration naturally drawn from the sand into which the molten brass is poured; considered a guarantee of their solidity, veracity of manufacture, but also of their uniqueness. The large dispenser is cast in only two parts, the ferris wheel and the carriage, from or into which the axle, bearing, and an integral serrated blade are carefully ground; whilst the smaller dispenser has a sprung three piece wheel, the carriage and axle being of similar design to the larger. The large measures approximately 120mm x 156mm x 45mm, and takes standard tapes of up to 19mm width wound on 75mm spindles, the small measures roughly 105mm x 45mm x 79mm and fits similar width tapes wound around 30mm spindles, the typical smaller size.
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