Symy Ong Hand-Thrown Hexagonal Bowl, Tenmoku

A stoneware tea bowl with a hexagonal rim, hand thrown for us in stoneware by Jynsym Ong, a mile or so from the Objects of Use store. With a deeply pigmented tenmoku glaze, which leans towards brown in the glaze's thinner applications, and a rim pinched at 6 corners to give the bowl a distinctive silhouette. Trained at Clay College, Stoke-On-Trent, Ong then undertook an apprenticeship at Mitoh Gama (Kiln) in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture. She often uses a kick wheel to impart a rhythm that is completely dictated by the body to her work. Ong recently set up studio in Oxford, making stoneware pieces which are fired in a gas kiln. 13cm width from corner to corner, 7cm tall

£40.00 (Ex Tax:£33.33)

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