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Seto Susumu bowls
Seto Susumu bowlsSeto Susumu bowlsSeto Susumu bowlsSeto Susumu bowlsSeto Susumu bowlsSeto Susumu bowls

Seto Susumu bowls

A choice of fuki-urushi lacquered bowls, a smaller miso and serving bowl of golden red sakura (Japanese cherry), or a larger deep ramen bowl of dark and fine grained walnut. Both are hand cut, wipe-lacquered, and finished by Seto Susumu in his small workshop in Asahikawa city at the heart of the Hokkaido mountains. Urushi is a natural lacquer made from the sap of Toxicodendron vernicifluum (Japanese sumac) believed to have been in use in Japan since around 7000BC. Traditionally it has been used to seal and waterproof wooden sake and tea ceremony cups, ramen bowls, and platters, and is prized in Japan for both its durability and its self evident beauty. The smaller sakura bowls measure approximately 8.5cm in diameter and a little over 5cm high; the larger walnut bowls have a diameter of about 11.5cm, and a height of 8cm.
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