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Kami Kalopanax mugs and glasses
Kami Kalopanax mugs and glassesKami Kalopanax mugs and glassesKami Kalopanax mugs and glasses

Kami Kalopanax mugs and glasses

Kami means paper in Japanese and is the name given to a series of vessels developed by OJI Masanori with the uncommonly skilled woodturners of Takahashi Kougei, and was chosen as a reflection of the unique thinness and lightness of their hand turned forms. The unfamiliar grain is that of Kalopanax - the prickly castor oil tree - a cold hardy deciduous tree native to Hokkaido. Cut from local forests the timber is seasoned through many cold Asahikawa winters ensuring its stability both for working and a lifetime of use. Whilst some sympathetic handling is advised - dishwashers and long soaks avoided, and towel rather than air drying advised - these mugs and glasses are impregnated and sealed with a specially developed urethane ceramic mix and are suitable for use with both hot and cold liquids, as well as ordinary sink washing up. Four options: a medium sized handled mug, diameter about 85mm, height 78mm; a smaller handled mug, diameter 75mm, height 69mm; a small shot glass, diameter 55mm, height 55mm; and a long glass, diameter 73mm, height 129mm.
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