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Ihada bottle openers
Ihada bottle openersIhada bottle openersIhada bottle openers

Ihada bottle openers

A choice of three hand poured sand-cast brass bottle openers from a foundry founded in 1897 in the central Japanese city of Takaoka in Toyama Prefecture. The casting is largely left ihada, which means with a raw cast surface maintaining any texture or discolouration naturally drawn from the sand into which the molten brass is poured; considered a guarantee of their solidity, veracity of manufacture, but also of their uniqueness. The Nisshoku bottle opener takes its form from an eclipse, the Mikaduki from a crescent moon, whilst the Waku is a simple flattened linear frame. They are part of a series of homewares developed in partnership with Oji Masanori in order to raise awareness amongst a wider public of both the possibilities of the material and the remarkable skills of its artisan producers. The Nisshoku measures about 77mm x 60mm x 6mm; the Mikaduki 65mm in diameter by 10mm; and the Waku about 140mm x 20mm x 15mm deep.
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