Joseph Bull Wood-Fired Stoneware Table Bowl, Walnut Ash

A characterful stoneware table bowl with an elegantly turned foot, wheel-thrown locally and fired over the course of 3 days in a traditional wood-fired Anagama kiln on the outskirts of Oxford. Glazed with a single-source walnut ash glaze, painstakingly purified to create a unique glaze with a delicate crackle to the surface. Wood firing gives a wonderful toasted glaze to the exterior of these bowls, with unique results on each. Crafted by Joseph Bull, a studio potter based in Oxfordshire, who trained with Knighton Mill Pottery and the Leach Pottery in St Ives, before establishing his own studio in Wootton, Oxfordshire. Approximately 8cm tall, 13cm diameter.

£37.50 (Ex Tax:£31.25)

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