Little Wooden Building Block World

An assortment of 76 building blocks of beechwood, made by Sina Spielzeug of Germany; mind fodder for budding imaginations. Designed with Fröbel's educational gifts in mind, the set consists of a number of spheres, cubes and cylinders, as well as their partial shapes, to which have been added disks, cones and paraboloids in a variety of colours. A grid template has been supplied for particularly industrious children (or adults). Turned, machined, lacquered, and finished in the town of Neuhausen, Saxony near the Czech border and the Ore mountains, an area with a long tradition of wood and toy manufacturing. Ages 18 months and up.

This toy has been awarded a 'Spiel Gut' mark, which translates as 'play well' — one of the most important and renowned awards for good and pedagogically valuable children's toys in Germany, given to toys and other children's products that meet strict assessment criteria. 

"Good toys support children's development by stimulating their imaginations rather than restricting them, by not disappointing expectations, and by offering varied and continuous play opportunities. In addition, good toys are environmentally friendly, safe and their durability and lifespan correspond to the purpose of the game. spiel gut awarded toys meet these and other criteria."

£42.50 (Ex Tax:£35.42)