Hohenfried Greifling rattle

The Griefling rattle — a rattle or baby toy in the shape of a ring with a central bar holding three loose disks, with a hollow interior contains a small wooden ball. Hohenfried's rattles or greifling (clutching) toys are handmade to the renowned carpenter, pedagogue, and educational theorist Hugo Kükelhaus’s original 1930s ‘allbedeut’ designs at the Hoherfried community workshops in the German Alps. Made entirely of local timber, cut mostly (and sustainably) from trees grown in the communities own grounds, the toys are beautifully machined, and finished only using pure vegetable oils. Hohenfried Heimat is an open community of learning disabled adults and children, providing sheltered accommodation, schools, and employment in organic agriculture, craft workshops, gourmet kitchens, and bakeries.

£32.50 (Ex Tax:£27.08)

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