Fröbelgabe 5b by by Hermann Goldammer

The Fröbelgabe No. 5b was conceived by Hermann Goldammer, a student of Fröbel. It contains round building blocks, namely half cylinders, cubes, and triangular blocks. A total of 44 building blocks are included: 12 cubes), 12 triangles, 8 half bridges and 12 half cylinders, all in natural wood tones. These blocks are contained in a wooden cube, which also serves as storage. In the year 1840 the educator Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel (1782-1852) founded the first kindergarten in Bad Blankenburg (Thuringia). He is still known in Germany as the 'father of the kindergartens'. His objective was to educate free thinking and independent human beings. Turned, machined, lacquered, and finished in the town of Neuhausen, Saxony near the Czech border and the Ore mountains, an area with a long tradition of wood and toy manufacturing. Ages 3 and up.
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