Musgo Real Black Edition solid shampoo

Absolutely plastic-free, this Musgo Real Black Edition solid shampoo provides a more ecofriendly approach to daily showering: one single product that does it all, which means less waste and more efficiency. Due to the natural cleansing action of bamboo charcoal powder, both hair and body will feel clean and fresh, and a combination of essential oils such as argan, jojoba and coconut will promote a more hydrated, healthier appearance. Musgo Black Edition’s fragrance is expertly fashioned around a base of vetiver and cedar, patchouli and sweet tonka. Massage the soap onto wet hands and work into a rich lather. Apply to wet hair using circular motions, massage from roots to ends, into your hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Keep your shampoo bar somewhere dry and draining between uses. 130g.

£21.50 (Ex Tax:£17.92)

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