French vinegar pot or pot vinaigre

A ‘naturel’ glazed stoneware pot for the making of wine vinegars from otherwise wasted bottle ends and slops, a surprisingly easy and continuous process, akin to maintaining a sourdough levain, and with similar more richly flavoured results - with patience natural vinegar made like this will hugely improve all your salads and pickles. The heavy and thick sided the pot helps regulate the temperature of the slowly fermenting contents. Hand made since 1875 by Poterie Digoin, in the northern Loire valley, an area rich in clay and silt mineral deposits, but as importantly at a major junction in the French canal network, whose distribution allowed the nascent pottery to quickly establish itself at the heart of the French kitchen. Just under 5 litres capacity and supplied with cork and wooden tap.

£125.00 (Ex Tax:£104.17)