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Thai brass skimmers
Thai brass skimmersThai brass skimmersThai brass skimmers

Thai brass skimmers

Intricately and beautifully hand wound, netted, and beaten - some of the overlapping joints being lightly tapped to lock them better in place - brass wire draining ladles, sieves, or skimmers from Thailand. Typically used for retaining and recovering individuals items from the broth of shared hot pots, a sort of Thai or Chinese version of a fondue, making them ideal baskets for delicate frying, dim sum, or draining and serving vegetables. Three variations, the small has a hemispherical basket with a diameter of about 7cm and total length of 24cm; the deep is a sort of truncated cone 5cm deep and tapering from just over 8cm to about 5.5cm, and has an overall length of 29cm; the flat has a lightly dished scoop of about 10cm and a length of 29cm.
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