Rattan Banneton or Proving Basket, Small Round

A circular rattan cane bread raising and forming basket for perfect flour striped lightly ribbed loaves. Rattan baskets retain and absorb warmth, provide a consistent shape and texture and ensure the formation of a healthy crust by controlling moisture conditions on the surface of the dough. Also great for use as bread baskets for serving bread and dinner rolls. These Bannetons are made from 100% natural cane and are secured with stainless rust-free pins. The bannetons should be dusted with flour, the dough placed inside, covered, and left to rise, before being turned out for baking. Best cleaned with a dry stiff brush, and stored separated to avoid damp, and prevent mould. Every 2-3 months the baskets can be sterilised in an oven of 130 Celcius for 45 minutes, which should loosen of flour residue. 20cm diameter by 8cm high, for a 750g loaf. Can also be used with a linen liner (available separately).

£12.50 (Ex Tax:£10.42)

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