Opinel Beechwood Chopping Board, "La Grande"

A large beech chopping board, with a bevelled base for an easy grip, and a gutter with a juice reservoir for use without risk of spillage. Suitable for use at the table when chopping and serving large roasts, though equally at home in the kitchen during the preparation stage, especially for those who like some extra space to prevent chopped goods falling onto the counter. Produced by French makers Opinel, who have been making knives in the Savoie region of France since 1890. Care as you would for any other wooden kitchen utensil — avoid the dishwasher like the plague, never leave soaking in water, and give a drink of mineral oil or chopping board conditioner when its looking thirsty to prevent cracks over time. Measuring 47 by 27.5cm, with a depth of 2.5cm.

£59.00 (Ex Tax:£49.17)

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