Marseille Stain Removing Soap Duo

This pack of baking soda and Terre de Sommières stain-removing soaps is composed of two 150g soaps made from real Marseille soap. One is enriched with baking soda known for its whitening powers and the other contains Terre de Sommières, whose absorbency is well established. With this pack you can treat stains on all types of fabrics and get rid of the most stubborn stains! The baking soda stain remover soap is effective for white laundry, and can remove blood, grease, and wine stains, amongst other things, while the Sommières Earth stain remover soap is ideal for dark laundry. For difficult stains before washing in the machine, it is recommended that you slightly moisten the soap, then rub it directly on the stain and leave to act for 15 to 30 minutes before putting your laundry in the machine. For washing by hand, you can use a stain-removing soap with Marseille soap, wet, rub gently and rinse with clean water. It's best to use cold water for stain removal.

No colouring, perfume, conservative agents, chemical additives, and palm oil free. Stain remover with Baking soda ingredients: Marseille soap, Baking soda / Stain remover with Terre de Sommières: Marseille soap with olive oil, Terre de Sommières

£8.50 (Ex Tax:£7.08)

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