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Copper sauté pans
Copper sauté pansCopper sauté pansCopper sauté pansCopper sauté pans

Copper sauté pans

Debuyer Inocuivre First Classe deep sided conical sauté pans with a 2mm 90% copper 10% stainless steel laminated construction and cast iron handle. Ideal for fast hot cooking, frying, sautéing, and the rapid reduction of liquids. From the Vosges region of France. Copper is renowned for its conductivity giving a more even and responsive heat than any other material, whilst the stainless steel lining allows for easy cleaning, and gives a more robust, scratch resistant surface than the traditionally used tin. In 2 sizes 16cm or 20cm in diameter. By tradition pan sizes equal the diameter across the top and not of the base. This might seem a cheat to some (or perhaps not if you consider a wok) but after some consideration we thought it best to stick with standard practice.
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