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Cast iron skillets
Cast iron skilletsCast iron skilletsCast iron skillets

Cast iron skillets

Black, pre-seasoned cast iron skillets. Although heavier, cast iron distributes heat much more evenly than steel, in fact in tests on cooking utensils it is out performed only by copper. Cast iron bonds with oil in a similar way to carbon steel, forming what amounts to a non-stick coating, one that is improved by heat, rather than caused to peel. Made at the Lodge foundry, South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Three sizes: 20cm - about 8", 26cm - about 10.5", 30.5cm - about 12". By tradition pan sizes equal the diameter across the top and not of the base. This might seem a cheat to some (or perhaps not if you consider a wok) but after some consideration we thought it best to stick with standard practice.
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