Blini pan

Blue carbon steel traditional style French professional blini pans, suited to any power or type of heat (including induction). I first came across these pans as a student working part time in busy professional kitchens - they were battered, slammed into ovens, under grills, thrown cold onto double burners blasting heat on full, thrust smoking under cold taps sending clouds of steam billowing to the ceiling, and no matter the tests, the abuse to which they were subjected they never, ever, failed. I decided then I would find these pans, for myself. Properly seasoned and prepared these pans will out-perform any non-stick or stainless pan, and cared for will last more than a lifetime. In seasoning the steel of the pan bonds to polymerised oil forming a deep brown to black surface that acts as a natural non-stick coating, one that does not peel if over heated (arguably it improves), self repairs if scratched (say by metal tools), will not release novel chemicals into your food, or for that matter poison birds. Made in Val-d'Ajol, France by de Buyer, who have been making similar pans in that region since 1830. Available in a choice of the single 12cm diameter blini pan, or else the Triblini, a triple pan made up of three of the same 12cm pans welded into a triangle, both being affixed to gunmetal enamelled steel handle. Obviously they are good for blinis, but also perfect fried eggs, one egg omelettes, and for toasting small amounts of nuts, spice, or seeds.
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