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2 handled pans
2 handled pans2 handled pans2 handled pans

2 handled pans

24, 28, or 32cm French professional frying pans, with welded loop handles. These are suited to any power of heat, or source - including induction. Properly prepared they will increasingly outperform any non stick pan, will last a life time, and actually improve with age. They will neither peel above medium heat nor release PTFE into your food, they will self repair if scratched. They will discolour, and develop a black patina, but this is a product of the steel bonding with the layers of oil and carbon that form a natural non stick coating. They can go on the hob, in the oven, under the grill, or over the fire without harm. Made in France by de Buyer, who have been making pans since 1830. By tradition pan sizes equal the diameter across the top and not of the base. This might seem a cheat to some (or perhaps not if you consider a wok) but after some consideration we thought it best to stick with standard practice.
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