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Zenmai hooks
Zenmai hooksZenmai hooksZenmai hooksZenmai hooksZenmai hooks

Zenmai hooks

Hand sand-cast solid brass hooks named after their subtle resemblance to a Japanese edible fern. From a foundry founded in 1897 in the Japanese city of Takaoka in the Toyama Prefecture. With minimal chasing the castings are largely left 'i-hada', that is with a raw cast surface maintaining any texture or discolouration drawn from the sand into which they were poured, a guarantee of their solidity, manufacture, and also their uniqueness. Five variations available. When fixed the large diamond measures approximately 46mm x 49mm, the smaller 36mm x 36mm; the large bean 45mm x 50mm, the smaller 30mm x 33mm; and the S hooks 24mm x 50mm. All are supplied in identical pairs.
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