Nanao Sumac Wax Candles, Set of 5

Wa-rosoku (hand rolled candles) renowned for their long burning and even flame. Made of a hard fat, not entirely dissimilar to tallow, but extracted from the berries of specially bred sumac trees native to western Japan. The flame of these candles is bigger and brighter than Western candles due to the hollow structure of the wick and the thickness of the candles’ diameter. The wick is made from a combination of natural materials: Washi paper, rush weed, and silk fibre, which is rolled around a form which is later removed. Made in the city of Nanao, Ishikawa Prefecture in the Noto Peninsula, Japan. Nanao City is the home of Takazawa candles and the inspiration behind these variously formed candles whose shapes are drawn form the motifs of of plants growing throughout the Noto peninsula. There are five patterns together spelling out PLANT in order to indicate the botanical origins of both the wax and hand rolled core.

£59.00 (Ex Tax:£49.17)

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