Hand forged trekking axe, hickory handle

Hand forged, shaped, ground, and assembled axes from Hults Bruk in Sweden, mounted on seasoned, oiled hickory heartwood handles. The blade edges are tempered and hardened to 58-59 HRC, offering more than adequate durability and allowing them to be properly resharpened without damage. The forest axe is a mid weight forest axe, ideal for thinning saplings, limbing trees, as an impromptu splitter, or gripped about the head for stripping bark and shaping branches; the trekking axe is a general purpose cutting and splitting hatchet, designed to more than meet any task required whist wandering the Scandinavian wilderness; whilst the mini hatchet is a smaller lighter axe for easier carrying in a pack, useful for cutting, shaping, and splitting it is the perfect light camping axe. Each is supplied with a vegetable tanned leather sheath. The forest axe has a handle of about 50cm, and an 0.85kg head, the trekking axe measures about 38cm, with 0.5kg to the head, and the mini hatchet around 25cm and 0.5kg.
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£145.00 (Ex Tax:£120.83)

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