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Sneeboer hand tools
Sneeboer hand toolsSneeboer hand toolsSneeboer hand toolsSneeboer hand toolsSneeboer hand tools

Sneeboer hand tools

The firm of Sneeboer began manufacturing garden tools in 1913. Everything they produce is still forged, ground, and assembled entirely by hand, and they offer the home, allotment, or professional gardener tools of rare and exceptional quality. The selection includes: a long flowerbed trowel, with a narrow fairly curved blade for the planting or transplanting of young plants whilst minimising damage to or disturbance of surrounding specimens; a weeding trowel with a strong and very narrow sharpened blade, it's especially useful for removing tap rooted weeds - dandelions and the like - as well as planting longer rooted seedlings, or those like sweet-peas that benefit from a deep narrow hole; a strong flat bladed heart shaped old Dutch trowel, used to rapidly cut channels in earth or compost, or with a twisting motion to create fairly shallow conical drills - it also seems somehow romantic; a weeding fork with thick sharp tines - strong enough to prise out even the most stubbornly rooted small weeds, as well as for use in breaking up and loosening soil and compost; an oddly shaped, asymmetric (right or left handed) potting trowel designed to work in tight space around pot-plants, and for the scooping and deposition of compost without spilling; and a long bladed trowel designed by Christopher Lloyd horticulturalist, author, for many years occupant of Great Dixter and developer of its famous gardens and this narrow tool which is especially suited for work amidst well planted borders, in rockeries, and between shrubs. All have ash handles.
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