Long handled Sanbon Kuwa forked hoe

A forked cultivating hoe from Tsubame-Sanjo, in Niigata Prefecture in central Japan. Hand forged of carbon steel with a lightweight 900mm poplar wood handle. Used to break up and aerate compacted soil, pulling weeds, and clearing straggly roots, leaves, and debris, especially amidst tight beds and rows of vegetables. Proper use is a kind of chop and pull or gentle pry to loosen soil, care should be taken with stubborn roots however so as not to bend the tines or damage the handle. The blade should be wiped clean after use, stored dry, and if possible oiled if put in to storage for any length of time. A little over 90cm long with a three tined forked blade of about 18cm by 13cm to its widest point, and 22cm heal to tip.

£30.00 (Ex Tax:£25.00)

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