Japanese leather-handled mini secateurs

Undeniably small but perfectly formed, these forged carbon steel secateurs are the perfect partner for flower arranging and collecting, greenhouse work, and for all those on the spot light pruning jobs when their pocket size keeps them handy when one doesn't want to carry or require larger more substantial tools. With comfortable leather grips and 40mm Hitachi SK steel blades, these will cut a maximum diameter stem of 5mm. It's worth bearing in mind these are carbon steel so can stain and rust so should be kept dry when not in use, and like many Japanese tools are hardened beyond what we might be used to in the UK. Whilst this does allow for an exceptional edge and longevity of sharpness they might be more brittle than some people are used to and will chip if abused, so please bear in mind the recommended diameter and never overly face the cut or use them on harder materials such as wire, plastics, or across knots or especially dry and harder woods and bamboos. Just under 14.5cm overall length.

£79.00 (Ex Tax:£65.83)