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DeWit hand tools
DeWit hand toolsDeWit hand toolsDeWit hand toolsDeWit hand toolsDeWit hand tools

DeWit hand tools

Black burnished high boron steel ash handled garden tools hand forged and fabricated in Kornhorn, northern Netherlands, by DeWit a company founded there as village blacksmiths back in 1898. Through hardened boron steels are know for their strength and durability, and relative toughness in comparison to high carbon knife steels, making them ideal for the manufacture of more robust garden tools - they can however rust, and will discolour, so are best stored dry and regularly oiled after use, in which case cared for properly will outlast us all. 5 variations: The planting trowel, a broad bladed trowel able to take a very sharp edge for easy single handed digging and described by its makers as ‘the ultimate Dutch trowel’; the transplanter trowel, narrow bladed trowel for the easy and accurate removal and re-planting of bulbs and seedlings, or work in tighter areas; the weeding fork, a strong wide flat three tined ‘standard’ hand fork for weeding and tilling soil in beds and borders; the cultivator, a five tined claw cultivator ideal for aerating compacted soil or raking away dead roots, stones, and other debris amongst raised or tightly planted beds; and the hand spork, a tool designed in Oxford by Robert Todd in 1992, the spork cuts easily through soil in a manner akin to a fork but is stronger and retains many of the load bearing virtues of a spade or trowel.
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