Aogami steel Higonokami folding knife

A traditional Japanese folding knife from Nagao Kinekoma with a trademarked folded brass handle and three inch triple layered Hitachi Aogami (blue paper - named after the wrapping the steel is traditionally supplied in) blade. First produced in 1894 when Tasaburo Shigematsu introduced a small double edged 'V' shaped bladed pocket knife opened by means of a small tail (chikiri) to the blade, which can also be used to hold the blade in place during use. Over time the handle will dull and develop a patina as the brass is left un-lacquered whilst the blade, being carbon steel will stain and darken. When new opening can be quite stiff but will loosen over time, whereupon it can be tightened with a light hammer blow to the rivet. The simplicity of construction and finish belies the quality Aogami triple layer blade which can if properly honed hold an almost razor like edge.
In terms of care it's worth considering that the steel is hardened beyond that typical of European knives so can chip if used in a prying action or against inappropriately hard surfaces and being carbon steel can rust if left wet or kept damp. About 11cm long folded, 17cm open and with a 7cm blade.
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