Lodge Cast Iron Kick Off Grill

A heavy, rugged, hibachi-style grill for cooking outdoors with charcoal. The portable cast iron construction allows for superior heat retention, requiring less charcoal. Made of two pieces that require no assembly, this grill comes with a set of steel hook and carry handles for a secure, safe grip when lifting and moving. Featuring a naturally seasoned cooking surface, the grill's easy-to-use design means you can simply twist the lid to adjust the draught while cooking. Cast iron's superior heat retention means that the grill requires less charcoal in use. As this is seasoned, but otherwise untreated cast-iron, these can rust if left wet. Made at the Lodge foundry, South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Suitable for hobs, ovens or fires. The first few times you cook with the grill, use a bit more oil than usual to start building up the seasoning, and hold off on cooking acidic foods for your first few uses — once the seasoning builds up, your cookware will handle any food with ease. Measures 16.69'' X 14.31'' X 5.9''.

£155.00 (Ex Tax:£129.17)