Finnish 100th anniversary vacuum flask, black

A remarkably attractive vacuum flask reproduced to celebrate the Finnish centenary, this black steel cased glass dewar vessel with a cork stopper is derived from those used by the Finnish medical corps during World War II, and intended to keep drinks and supplies from freezing through the rigours of a Karelian winter. Stainless steel shelled flasks might be more durable but they are also less effective insulators, and there are undoubtedly times when a still hot drink more than compensates for the more careful handling glass flasks do require. It might seem obvious, but just in case it isn't: These have glass vacuum vessels and may break if dropped or crushed, also having a cork stopper it is recommended these are kept upright to avoid spillages. 0.7l capacity, and about 33cm high with the cup in place and with a diameter just under 9cm.
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