Asano Chouna, Tsubame-Sanjo Hand Axe

A lightweight hatchet from Tsubame-Sanjo city, of a type thought to have been produced in Japan for over 1700 years. These have a lacquered Kanto oak handle reinforced with a steel strip where leverage might be greatest should the blade become wedged. Double beveled, with an angled gently curving blade, and a deep single beard for a controlled grip at the very top of the shaft, this is ideal for light splitting such as softwood tinder, green-wood working, or for fairly accurate shaping, being too small and light for splitting hardwood logs — that's akin to using a scalpel to chop nuts, not quite the appropriate tool for the job. With a blade of about 11cm and an overall length of roughly 34cm. By purchasing this item you are confirming that you are over the age of 18, and that we may contact you prior to dispatch in order to verify this.

£45.00 (Ex Tax:£37.50)

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