French fit-up umbrella-parasol, canard

An eight ribbed fit-up umbrella-parasols made with canard, deep teal, SPF 50 rated 71% cotton canopies stretched over steel frames, and with maple shafts and handles. Fit-umbrellas are made in two parts, with the shaft attached - fit-up - to the handle, this allows for a slightly lighter weight than is typical of the solid stick type, so has traditionally been considered a more unisex design. The company of Pierre Vaux have been making umbrellas in their Saint-Claude factory since 1920, and are currently run by Dominique and Dora Vaux, third generation umbrella makers. Still very much committed to their tradition of artisan production they now manufacture specialist runs for the haute couture houses of Paris alongside their standard 'ready-to-wear' production. The canopy is 71% cotton, 29% polyamide, the frame steel, the handle wood, the overall length is a little over 90cm, the open diameter approximately 90cm.

£87.00 (Ex Tax:£72.50)