Chouna, Japanese hand axe

A small lightweight hatchet with an untreated white oak handle and a laminated blade - the edge being of hardened (to 58-60 HRC) high carbon steel sandwiched between less brittle but softer layers of malleable iron allowing for the balance edge longevity and shock absorption for which Japanese striking tools are renowned. Double beveled, with a fairly straight blade, and a deep single beard for a controlled grip at the very top of the shaft, this is ideal for light splitting such as softwood tinder, green wood working, or fairly accurate shaping, but not so much for splitting hardwood logs - that's akin to using a scalpel to chop nuts, the right tool, the wrong job. With a blade of about 9.5cm and an overall length of roughly 33cm. By purchasing this item you are confirming that you are over the age of 18, and that we may contact you prior to dispatch in order to verify this.
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