Austrian Enamel Milk Pan 1l, Pink

A one litre enamelled steel Austrian Schnabeltopf (literally 'beak-pot') or milk pan, for the warming of milk, sauces or soups, or the cooking of rice and smaller portions of vegetables. Enamel, which is in essence coloured glass fused to a steel ground, marrying a smooth inert surface to a shatter resistant form, has long been the material of choice for warming milk, custards, or other sensitive flavour absorbing drinks or sauces, as it doesn't react to acidity, or retain and transfer flavours. With a diameter of around 13cm and height 12cm, this pan comes in a soft pink, with a creamy off-white interior. Made in Ybbsitz in Austria at the hydroelectrically powered metal stamping and enamelling workshops of Riess, a company with an unswerving commitment to both the quality of their produce, and an environmentally, and socially sustainable model of industry.
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