Vietnamese hair & household scissors

Rough finished* yet surprisingly delicate hand forged household and hairdressing scissors from Vietnam. Made of carbon steel, with dipped handles for user comfort and a degree of corrosion protection, these can nevertheless rust if left in wet, saline, or damp conditions - regular use and a periodic light re-coating with oil can help prevent this. Deceptively sophisticated the blades of these scissors are forged curved, to touch only at the point of cutting, giving a cleaner cut, and longer lasting edge.

*Finish is often just a product of retail vanity, what Guy Debord might call spectacle, nothing more - it doesn’t necessarily imply a better product, just time spent on functionally needless polish, and the aesthetic is not obviously a better one. Furthermore, polish serves to dehumanise a product, remove the obvious traces of human touch and production, it enables commodity fetishisation it that it obscures labour in our experience of the product itself. We are surrounded by polish, by spectacle, in all the consumer objects we commonly meet. It is wasted effort, wasted resource, and serves only to suppress our own political consciousness.
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