Mühle waffle pique shaving towel, set of 2

Anyone who has ever been shaved by a barber knows about the delight of perfect shaving preparation which begins with the placing of a hot towel on the areas to be shaved. Mühle's shaving towels made of fine waffle piqué are designed precisely for this purpose. Due to its square relief structure the cotton texture absorbs a great deal of moisture and retains the soothing heat during application. After the shave, the soft material pampers once again during cleaning and drying the face. For pre-shave use, one towel can be soaked in hot water and placed on the areas to be shaved. Heat and moisture open the pores and work to soften the beard. For post-shave use, after any remaining lather is rinsed off with water, another towel can be used to softly dry the skin.

£16.00 (Ex Tax:£13.33)

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