Finnish 100% Linen Wash Mitt, Black & Linen

A 100% linen rounded wash mitt, with hanging loop, made from loop- and flat-woven linen, woven by the master weavers at Lapuan Kankurit, in the Ostrobothnian district of western Finland. With one side loop, or Terry woven for exfoliating, and the other smoother, flat woven side for gentler washing. Measuring 22cm x 17cm, this mitt is great for gently exfoliating your skin as you wash. Pair with your favourite soap or wash. Lapuan Kankurit, a fourth-generation weaving family, has been creating its beautiful linen fabrics for over 45 years. Devoted to their craft, they weave nothing but the absolute best quality, with uncompromising workmanship, using only natural raw materials, such as linen and wool. All their linen is grown in Central Europe using only earth and rainwater.

£15.00 (Ex Tax:£12.50)

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