At the Vitrahaus
Objects of Use at the VitraHaus
Weil am Rhein, 2014

VitraHaus piano and glasses.

In February 2014 we were pleased to be approached by Studioilse to assist in their dressing of a fictional apartment created at the VitraHaus to celebrate the first joint exhibition of design giants Vitra and Artek. The concept was a Finnish-German couple, Harri and Astrid, a musician and a set designer, and the idea to create a space where the furniture and objects would appear lived with, blessed with the warmth of human habitation, and the artefacts and souvenirs of lives lived.

“Our starting point was to consider the shared culture at the heart of both Vitra and Artek. We wanted to think beyond the furniture and lighting and beyond the bland commercialisation of design, to convey real life in all its layers and eccentricities. It was vital to bring out the intellectual spirit of the minds and hands that made these things. These pieces are stories of real life and courageous intentions to raise the quality of everyday living. To see them as museum exhibits or sales units is a profound injustice to their creators.” Ilse Crawford, Principal of studioilse.

VitraHaus workspace and mold board. VitraHaus shared work bench.

All photographs Felix Odell.

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