Mohair & wool blanket, Powder Maroon

For those times when it's cold outside, and you need some comfort — Lapuan Kankurit's thick and warm 70% mohair, 30% wool blanket is the most luxurious way you can meet this need. Mohair is a yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat — both durable and resilient, mohair is notable for its high luster and sheen, and renowned for its insulating properties. Woven in Lithuania, this product is made from South-African mohair and New Zealand wool. All wool is mulesing free and from certified spinning mills, spun in Europe and dyed in Europe according to REACH regulations to fulfil the ÖKO-TEX certificate. Woven in a soft, warm powder and maroon colour.

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£210.00 (Ex Tax:£175.00)

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