Back Scratcher Brush, Oiled Beech & Light Bristle

A back scratcher of oiled beechwood and light pig bristles, with a long curved handle of 50cm — a more than adequate length for reaching all areas of the back, without needing to contort the arm. The short stiff bristles provide gentle exfoliation and instant relief to even the most deviant of itches, and will divert the urge to scratch with one's nails, a practice that can be far more damaging to the surface of the skin. To clean, use lukewarm water and a mild shampoo or soap (pet shampoo is ideal if you have any to hand), and hang to dry using the provided loop at the end. From the workshops of the Redecker company, who since their founding by Friedrich Redecker in the 1930s have specialised in the production of unusual and high quality brushes, made using traditional techniques and largely natural materials. 52cm long from base to tip, with a brush head diameter of approximately 3.5cm.

£19.50 (Ex Tax:£16.25)

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