Korean sandcast bronze frying pan, 20cm

A sandcast bronze frying pan from the Geochang Yugi workshop in Dooma-ri, Geochang-gun, South Korea. Founded in 1924 Geochang Yugi is now in its fourth generation of dedicated craft production. Each piece is cast by hand from a specialist alloy of 78% copper and 22% tin, heated once to 1500c for mixing and again to 1200c in a crucible for manual pouring. These pans are left largely unpolished, still with their sandcast surface, a fitting tribute to their making, but also a better surface for gradual seasoning through use, a better surface for frying. Like our iron pans these will develop a patina through use, and like our iron pans they should never be put through a dishwasher, left too long wet, or too vigorously cleaned, at least to the inside. 20cm, as is traditional with frying pans these measurements are across the top. Not suitable for induction hobs.
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