Korean bronze dish

A small sandcast bronze dish from the Geochang Yugi workshop in Dooma-ri, Geochang-gun, South Korea. Founded in 1924 Geochang Yugi is now in its fourth generation of dedicated craft production. Each piece is cast by hand from a specialist alloy of 78% copper and 22% tin, heated once to 1500c for mixing and again to 1200c in a crucible for manual pouring and carries its maker's mark upon the base. Beautifully machined and polished to a lightly brushed satin surface, with their exceptionally high tin content these are towards the silver end of the bronze spectrum. The tin will delay patination but if it does occur a good quality metal polish should restore the lustre. Not dishwasher safe. About 11.5cm diameter and 2cm high. One supplied.

£36.00 (Ex Tax:£30.00)

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